Poultry Manure Conveyor Belt Guarantees and Use Conditions

Do not store directly on the floor, use platform.
Do not stow more than 2 units.
Store in a dry place without direct sunlight.
The maximum working tension is 115 pounds (51 daN) of force.
The belt is not guaranteed by premature wear due to over-tension.
Keep product away from rodents; both in storage and in use.
Excessive density of chicken manure in belts per square meter can cause breakage in old belts.
They have to be evacuated every 2 days at the most.It is recommended to clean the cleaning scrapers after each evacuation.
Direct exposure to sunlight can cause premature degradation, discoloration, and excessive stiffness.
Wash only with cold waterDo not use disinfectant, degreaser or detergent for cleaning or maintenance.
The guarantee of the belt is valid for one year for rupture or premature wear, as long as the rupture is not caused by mechanisms in poor condition or inadequate tension.
The belts have UVA treatment, but they can’t be continuously exposed to the sunlight because it would shorten its useful life by premature crystallization.
The guarantee includes the replacement of the product.

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